About Gary Kimsey


I’m a middle-America guy. I like cheap beer, baseball and football, Denzel Washington movies, and McDonald’s hamburgers (regular burger, not a Big Mac).

I believe global warming isn’t a hoax and I’m pretty sure Elvis is actually dead.

kimsey_gary_192x192pixelsI exercise a lot and am in an ongoing war against the Doughboy shape that marched in with too many donuts and Snickers, as well as those McDonald’s hamburgers.

I enjoy novels by James Patterson, Clive Cussler, and the writing duo of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Don’t tell anyone this secret, but I’m also a fan of Nora Roberts and Heather Graham (I keep this quiet so my man’s man-image won’t get tarnished! Right?)

I don’t write sensationalism or about conspiracy theories—um, well, except for that blog about Dracula taking over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (see my blog of Nov. 2, 2016).

I like the Big Bang Theory, The View, Supernatural, Dancing With the Stars, Brian Williams’ 11th Hour news show on MSNBC, and the CBS Sunday Morning news-feature program with anchor Jane Pauley. I like Jane, but I really miss Charlie Osgood and Charles Karult. I enjoy the way Rachel Maddow interprets the news during her evening program on MSNBC. Anderson Cooper of CNN is great, too.

I no longer subscribe to print newspapers. I get their news online. Yes, yes, I’m helping to kill the print news industry, even though I still enjoy the feel of newspaper ink smudged on my fingers. When I started as a reporter in newspapers, back in the age of dinosaurs, we used upright typewriters. You gotta stay up with the times, though. Computers rule these days.

I don’t write about religion, although I’m sure there’s a God, regardless of the fact that He has yet to consult with me on anything.

I’m married to Patty, just married in October 2016, as a matter of fact. We met in junior high school. To give you a little historical perspective, our meeting occurred in the same year JFK was assassinated. We each have grown children.

We live part of the year in a mountain hamlet along the Cache la Poudre River in northern Colorado and the other part of the year in our hometown of Independence, Mo. I like Colorado in the summer—only a few mosquitoes at our place. I saw two mosquitoes last summer, one the summer before. In Missouri, you risk being carried off by mosquitoes if you sit outside at night.

I spent the first part of my writing career working in newspapers like the Kansas City Star and a city magazine (now out of business) in Denver. During five years of my life, I owned two taverns in Fort Collin, Colo., a wild, crazy experience I’d not recommend to anyone. The last half of my career I stumbled into the Dark Side—as newspaper people like to call it—and worked in public relations at Colorado State University and then University of Colorado Health system, where I retired in 2013.

Ah, retirement. Every night is Friday night, every morning is Saturday morning. And time to write what and when I like.

I write three other blogs:

Writers With No Borders—I’m one of nine writers from around the U.S. who write for this blog. Topics are far-ranging, but most often involve politics.

poudreriver.org, about life and history along the Poudre River. May family has lived along the mountain stream since the 1920s. There are stories aplenthy. and

collegianhistory.com, about my 2016-17 project to update a book about the 125-year history of Colorado State University’s student newspaper, the Rocky Mountain Collegian.

And just what will I write in this American Adventures & Misadventures blog?

You’ll read about quirky history and darling American people; stupid and smart things done in our country; my take on movies, novels and writings by others; tips on how to live life like it’s supposed to be; and other bangles, bling and stuff. America is a jigsaw puzzle with a lot of interestingly shaped pieces.

Please contact me if you have questions, comments or blog ideas: garykimsey@yahoo.com or 970.689.2512.

Keep healthy and enjoy life,

–Gary Kimsey

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